Briar Cliff Implements Open Hour

BCU is trying something new by implementing an open hour period for a scheduled break during the day.  More>

Mens Basketball took on Northwestern College

The mens basketball team beat their confernce contender Northwestern College 99-91. More>


Joseph's Movie Reviews: "Turbo Kid"

Each week, staff reporter Joseph McMahan will do two movie revies. Check out the first one here. More>



Students share ideas about next BCU president  Men and Women's soccer hightlight video   
Parking changes on campus upsets students and faculty  Robert Iron Shell strives for continued greatness in track  Closet Confessions: Melanie Mergen
Julius Fleschner shates thoughts of the future of the Bishop Mueller Library  BCU student goes from athletics to choir  Cliff Sessions: Northcutt 
BCU students participate in peaceful protest  Pep rally kicks off homecoming week at BCU  Joseph's Movie Reviews: "The Boy" 
BCU club CHOICES host the haunted tunnels for Halloween Two European students join the American football team  Secret Savories of the Sioux: La Juanitas
What are students doing for Halloween? Find out here  Freshman soccer player shows strengths in first couple of games.  Students share their favortie Sioux City Attractions
WIFI problems on campus causes students to lack connection  Football player leaves the field for good after serious shoulder injury Q of the week. What are you thankful for?
Different trasportaion options to consider using when coming to campus   

Immigration speaker come to campus and shows his documentary 

International cooking class held at BCU with Chef Meliss   Desi Beckmann gives a sneak peak of her senior thesis project 
Briar Cliff held thier first blood drive of the year    Briar Cliff choir holds fall concert in the campus chapel
Butterfly tagging event takes place in the Prarie   Get a virtual campus tour of BCU through this video
Freshman share how they are adapting to college    Find out more information about the BCU students mentors
President Beverly Wharton announced that she will be retiring    Question of the week. What are you listening to?
Students attend involvement fair but namy are too busy to join clubs.   South Korean students experience homecoming at BCU
    Get a sneak peak into the Art Department at BCU 
    QDOBA holds a special event for BCU before officail opening
    What television shows are students watching and how
    BCU welcomes new executive chef Meliss Spencer 
    During their summer break, two BCU students hitchhiked to California.
    New school years brings some new faces to the Briar Cliff community

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