Charger Camp: A tool to make new friends

Ben Petersen
Staff Reporter

The Briar Cliff freshmen recently participated in the fourth ever “Charger Camp,” a weekend-long get-away to Okoboji.  During Charger Camp, the freshmen were split into groups and then participated in a wide variety of activities as a way to get acquainted with each other and hopefully make new friends.

“Charger Camp was a great way to meet new people,” says student Jacob Johnson. “I met quite a few people; some on the bus ride and some from the games and activities [the counselors] had us all do.”

Some of the planned activities for Charger Camp included volleyball, horseback riding and zip lining.  Then the weekend was capped off with a dance. But many activities had to be cancelled or changed due to rain.

“The rain sucked but overall I still really enjoyed Charger Camp,” said student Lauren Rommel.  “My favorite part of the weekend was probably making bracelets with people. I met lots of new people and I am becoming pretty good friends with a few.”

“My favorite part of the weekend was learning how to ride a horse,” says Luke Petersen. “I have never been able to actually ride a horse before [and] it was cooler then I thought it would be.”

Since Charger Camp is on its fourth year, students who previously attended the camp had similar feelings.

“I attended the very first Charger Camp,” says senior Jake Smith. “[I met] most of my friends from either orientation, Charger Camp or both.  The year I went they really did not plan much, because it was just the first year. But it was still a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends that have lasted me almost four years now.”

“I could definitely see myself hanging out with the friends I have made at Charger Camp for my entire stay at BCU,” says Jerry Montejano. “I met lots of people on the baseball team, [so] it was cool [getting] to actually know somebody outside of sports. “

Charger Camp is a great way to meet new friends. Some of which could last through their entire stay at Briar Cliff and beyond.


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