Student and faculty struggle with parking problems

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Jerry Trobaugh
Staff Reporter 

With the new addition to Heelan Hall sitting on what used to be 28 employee parking spaces, it seems the issue continues to grow. 

“Parking is a problem every year,” said Dean Reynolds, head of campus security. “Everybody complains about the parking.”   

With the employees being displaced and having to park in different locations, this brings up the question of where to park. Most staff members now park in other faculty and staff lots or park down the hill in the lower lots known as “the pit.” These lots are usually always full on weekdays with overflow running onto the grassy area at the bottom of the hill. The lower lot at Noonan Hall is now exclusively for staff and faculty. In prior years, students could park there if spaces were available.

Not only are employees looking for spots, there are continuing education students and those who live off campus. By mid-morning, most lots are full and people are forced to park in the grassy areas. 

This is allowed by campus security as long as it is not causing a hazard, “All I ask is that they use some common sense when parking,” said Reynolds. “Most of the time they do.”

Angie Himes, a continuing education student parks in the pit and walks up the hill to classes at Heelan Hall. The transit busses run through campus several times a day and have a stop location that sits in front of the chapel.

“Getting there early is key to finding a good spot,” said Himes, who used to ride the city transit system to the university. “If you do not want to deal with the parking, take the bus. It takes more time and is not as convenient as driving, but you do not have to worry about parking.”

Is there a solution to this parking problem? That remains to be seen. Currently there are no plans for any expansion according to campus security. Space for expanding is also very limited and restricts any future options.

So for the time being, get to school early to get the good parking spot and just look at the long walk as a minor inconvenience and good exercise.


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