How to avoid the "Freshman 15"

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The “Freshman 15,” is the unofficial, and sometimes too true, myth for students who gain 15 pounds within their first year of attending college.  

Kyle Johnson, a sophomore nursing major says, “It is going to happen to you. Accept it. But if you are optimistic, then watch what you eat in the cafe. Do not drink soda!" 

Many college students do not realize the foods they are putting into their bodies are not necessarily healthy for them, based upon the nutritional value. 

"Counting calories does not work at the end of the week, if what you are eating is not good,” says Reem Khodor, a senior biology major. “If you want to avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ there are simple things you can do like; avoiding carbs altogether, stick to eating proteins and animal fats, like olive oil and avocados.


"Students have enough to worry about without having to focus on the physical aspect of their appearances. You need to perform at your best academically. Being healthy should not mean losing weight but moderating what you eat, when you eat and how you incorporate exercise within your daily life. You have to have self control and you eventually have to like it!”

Tim Goldammer, the assistant food service director says the Briar Cliff cafeteria is offering nutritional cards above all of the foods, so the students may become more aware of portion sizes and nutritional content of foods they are consuming. 

The cafeteria is also in the process of putting up menus on their website so students will know ahead of time what it is being served for meals. 


Korie Lown, a registered dietician at Sioux City’s Hy-Vee on Hamilton Boulevard says, ”One of the most important things to remember when coming to college and getting away from the family dinners is to be aware of your surroundings and go in with a plan." 


Lown agrees that healthy living should be a lifestyle change and a diet should not be a quick fix.  

Should a student wish to continue making lifestyle changes they should not be done drastically, with the new and popular “it diet." An exercise routine can become an important part of a student’s daily life, when they have random and busy schedules.

“Pencil in a trip to the gym just as if it were any other class, and treat it as such,” says Lown.  

Beating the “Freshman 15” may become a challenge to many students. Some things to remember are, setting limits and restrictions on food intake, looking up nutritional value, exercising and ignoring outward appearances. 

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