New classrooms receive technological transformations

Almost every new classroom is equipped with an Apple TV (above). Photo by Christopher Braunschweig.

Kelsey Evans
Staff Reporter


Along with supplying students with the iPads, Briar Cliff has made them more interactive by adding Apple TVs to all new classrooms. The Apple TV allows for most Apple devices to stream to a computer or television displayed on the wall.

“I think it is something Briar Cliff offers that no other school I have heard of offers,” says Slone Masters, junior transfer. “[It] makes it easier to learn and find information faster while in the classroom rather than waiting to go do it after class.”

A benefit to the students receiving the iPad from the school is that when a new iPad comes out, the students will receive the newest tablet as long as they are attending the school. Through this process the students get to learn and keep up with technology through their four years on campus. 

Briar Cliff also added a few other environment friendly aspects to the new classrooms such as automatic lights that go on and off when the first person enters the classroom and the last person leaves. Another little thing added was a sensor on all the open windows on the renovation side in which the sensor will lower and higher the curtains based on the direction and heat of the sun. 

“I have been at Briar Cliff for three years and I think [the curtain censors] may be one of the coolest additions to the school,” says Kela Cihak, a senior. “We can just go in, and without complaining about sun in our eyes, the curtains just move!”

Briar Cliff eventually plans to have all students have an iPad in classroom activities and then tests can be taken using them. Also, it allows for faster learning and updating for online grades that students can access. 


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