Top 10 iPad apps for students

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Christopher Braunschweig
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With Briar Cliff relying on iPads for more interesting classroom interactions, it is only fit to have a few apps to keep students productive and make the best use of their new tablet.

1. Quickoffice Pro HD ($19.99 – Quickoffice, Inc.)

The day may never come when Microsoft Office comes to the iPad, but this app will certainly make due. “It has presentation software, spreadsheets and word processing,” says Julius Fleschner, reference and instruction librarian. Mac users may enjoy Apple’s Pages, Keynote and Numbers (especially with OS X Mountain Lion), but Quickoffice is the next alternative.

2. Dropbox (Free – Dropbox)

A simple to use app that stores documents, photos, presentations etc. Dropbox is a great place to keep projects made in Quickoffice Pro HD and then instantly stream to an Apple TV during class. The only downside is the two-gigabyte storage limit.

3. Blackboard Mobile Learn (Free – Blackboard Inc.)

Blackboard allows you to use your Briar Cliff ID to log on and access your classes on the go. It is a more interesting Angel and an excellent app to check grades.

4. Evernote (Free – Evernote)

“Evernote is one [app] that I think is really underutilized at Briar Cliff,” says Fleschner. “It is kind of like a digital notebook.” Evernote allows you to write notes, save articles and capture ideas for later usage. It is also a creative way to organize notes for class.

5. Goodreader ($4.99 – Good.iWare Ltd.)

Goodreader is a great app to have when adding notes and corrections to PDF documents. It is easy to use and well-designed. What more could you ask from a PDF reader?

6. Calendars (Complimentary iPad app – Apple)

“[Students] can set up alerts,” says Fleschner, “so there is no excuse why students should miss class.” One way to stay organized is to make a schedule, which Calendars can do very well. The Calendars app is also a good way to keep track of Briar Cliff events. 

7. iStudiez Pro ($2.99 – iStudiez Team)

In addition to Calendars, iStudiez Pro is an excellent way to keep up with class schedules. You can also keep track of homework assignments by enabling push notifications. It will take time to set up your schedule, but it is definitely well worth it.

8. iTunes U (Free – Apple)

This is a perfect app for students who drive home on weekends and would not mind expanding their knowledge. With iTunes U, you can pre-download podcasts and listen to a 50-minute lecture on the way home or back to Briar Cliff. 

9. iReddit (Free – Condé Nast Digitali)

Need a break from studying? Check out new and popular threads on iReddit for a quick laugh. Apart from finding the most random and vulgar things you can find on the Internet, you might actually find a news story. If not, there is always…

10. USA Today (Free – USA Today)

No other news app is more visually appealing, easy to read and user-friendly than USA Today. It is easy to navigate and there are stories for everyone. The must-have app for all world news.

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