Student group involvement seems scarce

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Briar Cliff offers many ways for students to get involved; whether or not those opportunities are being taken advantage of is up to them. 

“People always claim that they are too busy and there is not enough time for meetings,” says Nicole Bruch, senior and president of Resident Hall Association (RHA). “One hour every other week is not that bad of a deal. [Students] have a lot more time in college than they think.”

Being involved in clubs or activities outside of sports is a great way to meet new people, says Bruch. 

“A lot of freshman that come to Briar Cliff come because they are in sports,” says Bruch. “If all you have is your sports team, then that is all that you are ever going to have. You are never going to want to go anywhere without the rest of the volleyball team or soccer team.”

Kate Swanson, junior, is vice president of the Writing and English club (WREN). She says that having a creative outlet is very important while in school. 

“I think anyone can benefit from sharing an interest with someone and talking about it,” says Swanson, “especially when we are all away from home and making our own home at Briar Cliff. It is good to find a family, and you can find a family in the activities you choose.”

People make excuses for not being involved, says Swanson. 

“I think there is a fear of putting yourself out there and not being accepted. I think they just make excuses that they can get past,” says Swanson. “It comes with maturity and it comes with figuring out where you stand and how much time you have.” 

Junior Gabrielle Kates has a slightly different outlook on why people do not get involved. 

“People do not want to go to meetings because [the meetings are] usually at night,” says Kates. “And at the end of the night they usually want to go to bed, relax, [finish] their homework or are in class.”

Freshman should be involved, says Kates, but after that first year there is no reason to stay with it.

“A few of the people will stick around in the groups but for the most part people do drop out after freshman year,” says Kates. “They establish their groups and they just do not come back.”

Swanson agrees that freshmen should at least sign up for something, but not everything that first year. 

“For me, I did not sign up for any because I wanted to focus on academics,” says Swanson. “Once I figured out that academics were less time consuming than I thought. I had much more time for extracurricular [activities].” 

As for Bruch, she is not in any sports so being in clubs and activities is her way of getting to know people and connect with them. 

“If I was not a PAL, an RA and in all of these clubs, I probably would not see people or know who people are but now that I have been in these groups for almost three and a half years, I can walk from one building to another and know nine out of ten people.” 


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