For Bryce Harshman, football is more than just a sport

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Briar Cliff University senior Bryce Harshman has been a strong leader on the football field this season, but away from it all he is quiet and humble.

Harshman, 21, has been at Briar Cliff for four years, and was recruited to play for the football team, which is now in their tenth season. He also competes in long jump on the track team.  Harshman said he chose BCU because he felt they had the most to offer. 

“I liked the idea of starting a new [football] program,” says Harshman. “I thought I might get some playing time right away.”

Head football coach Tom Rethman says that Harshman is a hard worker and takes the game of football seriously.  

“I’m a firm believer that if you are going to do something, you may as well do it right and do it to the best of your ability,” says Rethman. “I think that is something that Bryce takes to heart.”

Harshman had started playing football in the seventh grade and says the sport has helped him get through some hard times.

When Harshman was in high school, his mother, Tami, had passed away due to liver failure caused by alcohol. 

“I was only 16,” says Harshman, “It sucked to have it at that point; it sucks to lose anybody at any point in your life. It was tough, but football helped keep my mind off things.”

Harshman’s father, Dan, lives in California where Harshman also lived for eight years until he moved to Tucson, Ariz. Harshman says his stepfather, Nick, is the person he grew up with.

Harshman is the second oldest of his three siblings.  And says he is very close to all of them.

“We are very busy, but I talk to them as much as I can,” says Harshman.

His brother, Codi, 24, is the oldest and plays baseball, his younger brother Matt, 18, plays football at Feather River Junior College, and his younger sister Cheyanna, 13, is involved in basketball and volleyball. 

Harshman may be far away from his siblings, but his brotherly nature remains.

“He does a great job of helping coach the younger receivers,” says Rethman. “Bryce has really worked to bring others up and not just himself.”  

“Ever since day one he has taken me under his wing,” says Tyler Magee a freshman wide receiver for BCU.  “He is my role model and I consider him my big brother.”

Harshman describes himself as very serious, humble and somewhat shy.

“Bryce is a leader by far,” says Magee, “that is his best trait.” 

After graduating this spring, Harshman, a business major, hopes to land a coaching job with the football or track team, and possibly work towards getting his masters degree.

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