Student account payments at the beginning of the term

Jerry Trobaugh
Staff Reporter

Students at Briar Cliff University are being required to pay their accounts at the beginning of each semester this year. This policy has always been in place but has not been rigidly enforced in recent years.

“Technically and truly, student account balances have always been due at the beginning of the semester,” said Beth Grigsby, vice president of finance, “but we have been too nice and allowed people to extend that deadline much further than what we should have.” Grigsby went on to say that banking regulations effecting private loans had recently changed and contributed to the enforcement of this policy.

Students who may have a problem with paying the balance off of their accounts are allowed to make payment arrangements through the university’s business office.

“We are not requiring, necessarily, that the account be totally paid,” said Grigsby, “but if they are unable to do that, they need to come in at the beginning of the semester to make arrangements to pay.”

For those not making arrangements or, in extreme cases, not paying their accounts, disciplinary action can be implemented on behalf of the university. This can be in the form of dis-enrollment from current classes, withholding of diplomas or official transcripts and not being allowed to walk in the graduation ceremonies.

Students have various options and arrangements through the university and can visit the business office on the lower level of Noonan Hall. 

One of the options available to students are the many scholarships offered every year by the university. Information on these scholarships can be accessed online at the BCU website. A visit to the financial aid office could also benefit students facing financial hardships.

Many options are available for all classes of students attending BCU. It costs money to run the school and the enforcement of this policy is an effort to increase the school’s cash flow.

“Obviously the university’s bills do not wait for students to pay their bills, just like your finances at home,” said Grigsby. “You have to have income coming in to pay expenses.”


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