Midterm madness

Kevin Canady Jr.
Staff Reporter 

During this time of the year, students all across the nation are preparing themselves for midterms and the final eight weeks of the first semester. Students are fully aware that midterms play a crucial role in regards to their final grades and they should be taken seriously.

“I definitely feel that we all should take midterms seriously,” says senior Wesley Bell.” It makes a huge difference as semesters end.”

Midterms are aimed to give students a view of exactly where they stand in certain courses.  It is a chance for students to improve their academic progress whether their grades are dwindling or exceeding expectations.

“Many students are not aware how far apart those final eight weeks are, and they become inconsistent,”says junior Brooke Kruse.

At Briar Cliff University, the “early warning” system was implemented to help students who may be having early academic issues by setting up an organized plan of action for the remainder of the semester.

“The biggest benefit of the early warning system is to try and identify as soon as possible when the student is running into issues,” says Dr. William Mangan, dean of students. “It’s supposed to be a lever for students, so they can figure out what strategies they need to be pursuing in order to do better in a course.”

With students spending most of their time in the library or campus computer labs, many agree that preparing for midterm exams or presentations can be quite stressful.

And those who participate in campus activities or athletics find it even more complicated trying to prepare themselves as they continue their respective seasons.

“It’s more of a struggle for us student-athletes because even though our seasons are still in progress, midterms don’t stop,” says junior David Hout.

All athletic programs on campus are required to go to study hall. Coaches use this as a tool to ensure their athletes are prepared for their midterms.

“[By going to] study hall and [our coaches aim] to keep us on track,” says Hout.

No matter the circumstance, Mangan feels that students should always hold high standards in regards to their education.

“Having that balance is important for every student, and academics should occupy a high priority in anyone’s life,” says Mangan.


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