Family Weekend allows students to show how they live at BCU

Dawnessa Johnson
Staff Reporter

Family Weekend 2012; it is an opportunity for families to come to campus and spend time with their children and experience the athletic, cultural and liberal arts events. 


“It is the first time we invite families back to campus after they have dropped off their sons and daughters,” says Dave Arens, director of Campus Life. 


With enrollment of more than 1,100 students many families attend Family Weekend. 

“It is a good mix,” says Nancy McGuire director of Career Development, “I am very satisfied with this year’s turnout.”


In previous years families all the way from New York, Texas and Louisiana have attended Family Weekend. In the past three years, as many as 120 registered families have attended Family Weekend to see their children. 


“We provide events for families to attend but we do not pressure them into attending,” says Arens. “Many families take their sons or daughters off campus.” 


A family that traveled from Lakeville, Minn. says their favorite part of Family Weekend is getting to see their daughter, and experiencing what life is like for her on campus. 


Family Weekend is planned alongside the academic calendar. This year the events lean towards the arts.


“We always have Bingo on Friday night,” says McGuire. “You can still have a conversation [and] it is low-key. [It is] something that the littlest siblings and even the grandparents can participate in.” 


Students are allowed to participate in the activities at Family Weekend even if they did not have families register. 


“The atmosphere tends to be laid-back and relaxed,” says Arens. “We provide many events and opportunities for the families to partake in.” 

Janell Darwin and her family have participated in many family weekends. Her mother and brother are also Briar Cliff alumni and their favorite parts of family weekend are Bingo, the food and the choir concert. 


“We like family weekend, we have never missed one,” says Ann Darwin.


There is only one family weekend planned per year to encourage families to come back to campus. Family weekend helps parents to connect with other families they may not have seen since orientation, and attend events planned so that families can spend time with their college student. 

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