BCU sports siblings: Erin & Amy Frank

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Kaitlin Meister
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Briar Cliff University has a unique quality in their athletic programs because many teams on campus contain at least one pair of siblings.

The Frank sisters make the BCU woman’s volleyball team one of these programs.

Erin, 20, and Amy, 18, Frank have been playing volleyball for most of their lives. Erin has been playing since she was in sixth grade and Amy started when she was in fifth grade.

“We decided to pick up volleyball since my dad plays,” says Erin Frank.

The sisters have been a dynamic duo for the Chargers this season.  Erin is the starting setter averaging about 32 assists per game, and Amy is now the starting libero as a freshman.

Having played together at Sioux City East High School and for USA Club Volleyball, wearing the same uniform is nothing new for Erin and Amy Frank.

“I think it is fun to be playing with my sister,” says Amy Frank. “We have a trust in each other because we are so close.”

The two of them spent most of their lives in Sioux City but growing up in an army family meant the sisters lived in many different places including Spokane, Wash.; Atlus, Okla.; and Japan.

“There were a lot of new experiences,” says Erin Frank. “I had to make lots of new friends which was hard for me because I was a shy kid.”

Erin says that Amy was always a constant friend for her and, although they have their sisterly fights, they get along well.  

“Sometimes she is harsh on me,” says Amy Frank, “but I know she is trying to make me better.”

Erin Frank says,“I do feel like I hold her to a higher standard now that she is here [Briar Cliff]. When we were in high school it was more like ‘oh well, she is just my little sister.’”  

Erin and Amy Frank agree it is hard to go to school with another sibling sometimes, but both of them also say that being together has helped keep them as close as they are.  

The girls’ mother could not be more pleased with her daughters.

“I am so proud of their hard work and dedication,” said Danelle Frank. “It is so nice to have them play for the same school because then I do not have to choose which daughter to go watch.”

After graduating from Briar Cliff, Erin Frank hopes to land a teaching job, while Amy Frank wants to go into nursing.

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