Every student will receive an iPad next year

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Morgan Kulzer
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Not all students are very happy with the idea that everyone will be receiving an iPad next year.

“That is not a rumor, that is a true statement,” said Beth Grigsby, vice president of finance. “This year’s junior class [who got iPads two years ago] will get new ones because we want to keep the technology updated.”

Those who opted into the program and those who will be receiving updated iPads next year will pay a total of 740 dollars. 

“Everyone will pay the larger technology fee,” said Grigsby, “and that will go toward, not only the iPad but additional wireless [routers].”

Junior nursing major Ashley Songcuan said she does not like the idea of having to purchase an iPad after having the option of opting into the program two years ago. 

“I bought a laptop before college so I just feel like an iPad for me would be something for me to play on,” said Songcuan. “I think a lot of people, [especially next years] seniors, are going to be mad about it because the ones that wanted to participate in it would have done so their freshman year.”

Songcuan said she has no use for an iPad now that she is getting into more advanced nursing courses. 

“For me, personally, going into my senior year for nursing, my teachers are not going to use that,” said Songcuan. “I am not going to need [an iPad] for a majority of my learning because my learning comes from clinicals.”

While taking anatomy and physiology Songcuan said the tool may have helped, but right now? Not so much. 

“For where I am at now, the teachers would not be able to use [the iPad] efficiently. It would be more work trying to use that for my classes than it would help.” 

Originally, the plan was for students and faculty to all receive iPads this year said Grigsby.

“We did not feel like we had given the faculty enough time to really get good training and get comfortable using iPads in class,” said Grigsby, “so we wanted to give them this full year to get more training and ready to go.”

As of right now the plan is still for all students to receive iPads next year. However, there may be talk of postponing that idea for another year waiting for the first round of freshman to receive iPads to become seniors.

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