Divided student opinions over talks of a $50 travel fund


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Kelsey Evans
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The Briar Cliff Student Government (BCSG) has proposed a travel fund for the 2013-2014 school year. 

The fund would be added to the bills of all full-time day students and would cost $50, equaling $200 through a student’s career. The fund would be available to all students in “good standing” with the school, which means having no violations and a decent grade-point average. 

When a student would want to attend a scholarly trip, he or she would be able to apply to receive a scholarship of $500 to $1,500 from the school to put towards their trips. 

“It’s available to everybody,” said Carter Kruckenberg, student body president. “[Students] are going to pay for it [but] whether [they] utilize it [or not] it is up to you.”

Some students say they would not have the opportunity to use the fund because they have athletics or do not care to travel. 

“I personally would not use the fund,” said sophomore Molly Snoozy. “I like to go home in the summer and I play sports.”

Other students believe that it is a good idea and would take advantage of the scholarship opportunities the fund supplies. 

“If there was a short spring term trip, I would definitely try to apply and take advantage of it,” said junior Ashley Schmidt. “It should give students a better opportunity to be able to go on trips since it could possibly cut the cost in half.”

Although some may not be in favor, the small fee will benefit many mission trips in the 2013-2014 academic year unlike previous years when some students have not been able to attend trips due to money issues. 

Kruckenberg also believes that donors could double the money the students bring in. 

“Donors are really interested in this program but they want to see the students sort of take ownership in it too,” said Kruckenberg. 

The fund has begun to go through the voting process. The process involves getting the approval of the school president, vice presidents and trustees. If passed, the fund will be added to all full-time day students bill in the spring term starting in January. 

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