Flu season hits Briar Cliff students and staff

Graphic by Casey French

Kelsey Evans
Staff Reporter

Flu season has hit the Briar Cliff campus causing many students, faculty and their families to become sick. 

Although many students have been sick and missing class with the sniffles, many staff have been under the weather as well and also had sick kids or spouses themselves. 

To prevent the flu from spreading around campus, the nursing department offers students and staff flu shots for $25, which can be added to a student's account or paid upfront. 

Some students may not know the importance of getting a flu shot so the nursing department wants to cause awareness by putting on designated flu shot times for students in the Stark Student Center. 

“I think it’s very important to get a flu shot,” says senior Sara Reeves. “It helps build up your immune system and fight off all the viruses that come with the flu.” 

Many student-athletes are advised to get flu shots to prevent themselves from getting sick throughout their seasons. Other students who have to get a flu shot are all nursing majors in order to work in their field. 

“I was sick before school even started,” says junior Slone Masters. “I have just been trying to catch up on sleep because I seem to be really tired when I am sick.” 

When coming to college, the large amounts of people leads to a lot of germs being scattered throughout the dorms causing sickness to spread more easily. Students, who normally had their parents take care of them while at home, must not make their own remedies for staying healthy. 

“I personally drink a lot of water to stay healthy,” says Reeves. “I am also big on smiling and laughing because I think it is really good for you, so I like to smile and laugh a lot.”

If a student does not want to take a flu shot on campus many local stores offer walk-in flu shots such as Walgreens, Hy-Vee and Shopko for $20 to $25. 


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