Athletes find peculiar ways to keep themselves entertained during their journeys

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Kelsey Evans
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Many student-athletes take long bus rides through the course of a season in order to fulfill their schedules. The question some wondered is: what do athletes do on these two or more hour bus rides?

The trends amongst most teams are watching movies while riding to far off rivals. Of course the movie selection was not the same for every team. For many of the women’s teams, the movies of choice were Disney movies or chick flicks. For the men, it was inspirational athletic movies or something with action.

“We lay on seats and watch Disney movies while we travel in style,” says senior soccer player Jenna Biedenfeld. “Before we get to our destination we also attempt [to squeeze] into storage spaces.”

Other than the movies, some teams claim they play silly games or sing on the way back from games. The women’s basketball team plays singing games and often tell jokes according to their senior leaders.

The men’s basketball team plays games such as “Would you rather?” a game of giving scenarios of two things they particularly would not want to do and see which one they would rather do according to senior, Jake Shipley. 

The men’s and women’s teams conversations were very different. The men seemed to talk more about focusing while the women socialized. 

Other than these few little things the teams do together, bus rides soon become more of an individual time to focus and prepare for games.

“Usually there is a movie playing and some will watch that,” says senior football player Chance Colvin. “It’s the more personal things that we do that is unique.”

Colvin says rituals help him stay calm before the game. He personally likes listening to country music and 90’s music to keep him relaxed on long bus trips.

But some say it is the little things such as eating particular snacks or taking a cat nap that really help prepare them before the game. 

“I do not think it’s really the unique stuff together, it’s more the personal things we do that get us ready,” says Colvin.

The Charger teams ride on short buses, vans and—for bigger teams like football—big buses, which can cause a sense of closeness. Being on a bus or in a van can really bring a team to do interesting things in two or more hours. 


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