Briar Cliff purchases the South Ridge Sports Dome

Adam Schwery
Staff Reporter

Just this fall Briar Cliff University purchased the South Ridge Sports Dome in South Sioux City, Neb. 

BCU athletics had been renting space in the dome mainly during the indoor track season. With limited capabilities while renting it, the university worked with the previous owner to make a deal to purchase it. 

“The owner decided to go on a different route in his business,” says Athletic Director Steve Gast, “we started inquiring onto what was going to happen and who they were going to sell it to.”

 Gast says that after finding out what the value was on the building and dealing with the bank on the loans, the price was lowered to a more affordable amount.

“If it was not really economical for what we thought the value of it was, we would not have bought it,” says Gast, “It is definitely much less than if we were to build it from scratch.” 

Gast also says buying the dome gives the campus time to fundraise and possibly work towards an indoor field house on campus. 

BCU’s purchase of the dome will last for quite some time and it is now a whole new recruiting tool for track and cross country. 

Reggie Miller, assistant track and cross-country coach, has a bright outlook on this purchase. 

“It is a huge step for our program,” says Miller, “it makes it easier to schedule practice and [to tear down] and set up the track.

“We can now show our recruits a fully functional practice facility that not many schools in the area are equipped with.”

Renovations are in the works to be done by the spring including an addition of a bathroom, turf on the infield and possibly an extended long-jump pit. 

“It is probably going to take a year—to a year-and-a-half—to be remodeled to its fullest,” says Miller. “Well, at least that is our goal.”

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