Java City adjusts to new location after one semester in atrium

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Michael Roscovius
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Java City has been an important part of Briar Cliff ever since it was introduced as a small place where students could stop in for a sandwich, some fruit or a coffee. Java City quickly became popular among the students and faculty.

Moving from the area across the Multimedia Lab, to the library, to the new atrium—Java City has experienced a change in venues each of the last three years. Jonathan Duff, current Java City employee, says he believes the newest location is by far the best.

“Every student is in Heelan Hall at some point,” says Duff. “This makes it much more convenient for those who just want to get a quick coffee or a sandwich and take it to class. I think it’s good for business and the students.”

Other students also agree. Grace McElroy, junior, says she enjoys the new location as well. She finds it easier to get in-and-out quickly, even if there is usually more of a line during rush hour than there was before.

“[When I have] Java City right where most of my classes are [it] makes it easy to get my breakfast and a coffee,” McElroy says. “Even if you have to elbow a few people to keep your spot in line, I think the location makes it faster than before.”

With the new atrium in place, students spend a lot of their time in there; either relaxing, talking with friends or just hanging out between classes.

Freshman Trisha Porter, who never saw Java City in its other two locations, says she cannot envision it being somewhere else.

“I think this is a great place for Java City. It seems natural, like it shouldn’t be anywhere else,” says Porter. “From what I hear, the atrium is a great addition and everyone loves it. I think it is really nice and can not wait to see what they add to it during the next few years.”


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