IT urges students not to update iOS devices to 6.1

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Christopher Braunschweig
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Do not upgrade to iOS6.1.

An error has occurred with the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync server that is causing problems with calendars and mail inboxes on all iOS devices upgraded to 6.1.

Darrin Fangman, IT center’s network director, said whenever ActiveSync communicates with the Exchange mail server “it causes excessive transaction logging,” which can fill up the hard drive and cause the server to break.

If the server’s workload increases too much, such as filling up logs, it could stop responding and could lead to further complications said Fangman. 

Translation: Stuff is piling up and it is not so good for IT.

Fangman said there might be a solution for those already experiencing problems, but it is not 100 percent certain. 

“If [students] have an existing account on [Microsoft Exchange] while it is upgraded, then it creates the problem,” said Fangman. “But if they completely remove that account entirely and then put it back in, supposedly that works.”

If the issues start to become severe, then Fangman said he would have to start blocking iOS6.1 users from accessing the mail servers until a solution has been addressed.

Until then…

Do NOT upgrade to iOS6.1.  


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