Seniors begin application process for graduate school


Morgan Kulzer
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Briar Cliff seniors deciding to go to graduate school are in the process of applying and taking the necessary standardized tests. 

“The most common examination that is used for admission into graduate school is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE),” says Dr. William Mangan, vice president for academic affairs. “If you are going into medical school, the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is what you would take.”

Mangan says the GRE has a general portion along with a specialized section specific to that person’s field. 

Senior Alexandra Alberda has taken the GRE and plans on going to University of Nebraska-Lincoln for art history and says the most important thing is to look at deadlines. 

“You should get [the GRE] done three months in advance to the deadline,” says Alberda, “because you can only take them once a month. That way if your first one is not the test score you want then, you have another two months to try.” 

Alberta says letters of recommendation will also be needed along with an application fee. 

One senior who plans on going to grad school but has not started the process is Lindsey Jardine. She will be taking the MCAT in August. 

“I have not started preparing yet,” says Jardine, “so I am going to take the first three months of the summer and take the Kaplan course, which is a preparatory class that almost everyone who takes the MCATs uses.” 

In order to get into medical school right out of undergrad, students must take the MCAT their junior year. 

“I am taking at least two years off,” says Jardine, “seeing as how I am taking [the MCAT in August] I am going to have to wait two [years]. You don’t get your scores for the next year [right away].” 

According to Mangan graduate programs in certain fields like the idea of gaining work knowledge before getting a masters degree. 

“[In] some fields there is a stronger encouragement that you have to develop some kind of professional experience before you are intellectually ready for the depth of study that a graduate program requires,” says Mangan. 

Mangan says at the same time, there are some fields in which graduate schooling may not be the best investment. 

"I am a big fan of educaiton, of course," says Mangan "so I would never discourage someone who wanted to deepen her or his own intellecutal strengths. It is very possible that if someone has certain career field tracks in mind that graduate school may not always be the most appropriate preparation. It may really require students to be more engaged in action out in the world." 




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