Annual Health, Wellness and Safety Fair leaves lasting impressions

Photo by Olivia Essig

Olivia Essig
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From rescue pets to helicopters, Briar Cliff University’s annual Health, Wellness and Safety Fair held last Friday, March 1, received a lot of positive feedback. 

Donna Schneider, director of BCU health services, was in charge of organizing the fair’s activities—with help from the senior nursing class. The fair held many benefits for BCU students.

“I hope it gave some awareness as to how important it is to start a healthy lifestyle [at a] young [age], so that these habits are set in stone,” said Schneider. “That follows students for the rest of their lives,” said Schneider.

Sophomore Logan Murray also had positive things to say on the day’s activities. 

“I think the health fair is just an overall good tool for BCU, especially those interested in health sciences,” said Murray. 

Schneider said the event could appeal to and help students from all majors at BCU. Sophomore, Daniel Harvey agreed. 

“Each individual booth has their own aspects they bring in for different majors,” said Harvey. “Everyone can relate to at least one of them.”

Harvey, who is a criminal justice major, said he enjoyed talking to the police that attended the fair with their rescue dogs. 

“I got to talk to [the Sherriff’s Department] about the things they were doing and showing,” said Harvey. 

The fair did not only appeal to students and faculty at BCU, but also Sioux City’s community. 

“There was more general public [at the fair] than I had expected,” said Schneider. “I was really impressed by the amount of moms who brought their kids. They loved to see the rescue equipment.” 

Of all the booths and activities offered, Schneider said there were certainly favorites among the crowd. 

“The helicopter was a big [attraction],” said Schneider. “There was something of interest for just about everybody. I have heard nothing but good feedback.”


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