Students give up spring break for mission trips


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While many are looking forward to relaxing over spring break, some Briar Cliff University students will be lending a hand to projects in need around the United States on mission trips. 

Sister Janet May, director of campus ministry, says BCU has been hosting mission trips for students as long as she has been on campus. May says it is just as important to go on mission trips that are not international as it is to do them internationally. 

“There are all kinds of service needs and people [who need help] right around us,” says May. “You can do service right here.”

May says there are three mission trips that students will be attending this year over spring break, taking place from March 8-17. 

“One group is going to Joplin, Mo., to help with home building that is still a result of the tornado that went through a couple years ago,” says May. “Another group is going to Jerusalem Farm at Kansas City, Mo., and some students are staying here in town with Habitat for Humanity.”

May is going to Kansas City with a group of seven students.

“We will be teamed up with students from [other universities],” says May. “Everyday we will go out into the city to do home repair, help with the people and possibly work at the soup kitchen. It’s a brand new project for us because [Jerusalem Farm] just opened this year.”

Sophomore Briar Bergner will also be attending this trip. Bergner went on a mission trip to Chicago last Spring break.

“I love to travel and to do service, so I put the two together,” says Bergner. “This is totally new for all of us. I am excited to try new things and do something completely different from last year.”

Gil Ridenour, associate campus ministry director, says students will not only have to opportunity to help others but also get to know their peers and make friends in the process.

“You meet new people here on campus and get involved in some community building outside of BCU, so there is definitely a social dynamic,” says Ridenour.

At the end of each day, May says students reflect on the work they have done through “faith sharing”.

“They learn a lot about the culture and they appreciate working with the people in the area and learning about their needs,” says May.

Bergner urges students to consider going on a mission trip over spring break in the future. 

"Most anyone that has gone on one would say they have no regrets," says Bregner. "Personally, I loved meeting new people and had fun while I was at it. I learned what it truly meant to be selfless. I met children who needed more than I do but they were happier than me with what they had."  

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